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Being an author is certainly an adventure. There are deadlines, last minute meetings, technical issues, and the constant wondering whether the book will sell. “All of the ups and downs are with it just to see the smile on a child’s face.” says Katherine Agard. She has a passion for inspiring children to believe in themselves despite their differences. “ I am so blessed to be able to share my creativity with the world.” “ I would like to give a big thank you to all my readers and those who have shared the links to my books.” “ It really is a team effort.”, Katherine added. Don’t worry Albert fans, you haven’t seen the last of his adventures.

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Life has been quite busy since the last post. Katherine has released Albert's Little Fizzies which is the 4th installment in her books series at the end of October. She has also collaborated with the

One thing that Albert says is, “Remember that sometimes, what makes someone different is also what makes them special.” I believe that message is one that all children need to hear. (Adults too)

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