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TOP 10

Here is a list of my 10 favorite children books!


If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

I love this sweet relationship between the boy and the mouse.  The boy often does things for the mouse without expecting anything in return. I also love how the mouse expresses his free will. 


The Giving Tree

In this story, children can learn the importance of caring, giving, and how we should treat others. Sheldon Silver explains so much in simple and straightforward words.  I first read this book when I was in elementary school, but then I read it again as an adult. I still love the book but my eyes were opened a little wider regarding some of the main themes.


Guess How Much I Love You

This classic story is a great book for bedtime reading. The illustrations are beautiful and should be part of every child's book collection.


Love You Forever

I absolutely love this book. It is a great story of enduring love, from infancy through adulthood and beyond. Make sure you have your tissues close by.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I love seeing the excitement on my student's faces as I read them this incredible story. The colors are vibrant and there are many opportunities for children to engage while looking at the book.



This will forever be one of my favorite books. I remember reading it with the younger children in my family. I believe that young children will enjoy this book and the interesting rhymes especially if they like berries​.


Peter and the Wolf

A fantastic story for children coupled with wonderful drawings, make this book a real delight.


Ramona Quinby, Age 8

I love all of Beverly Cleary's books, but this one has always been my favorite. 

This book is so fun and interesting. Ramona's antics always gave me a good laugh.


The Kissing Hand

I love everything about this book. A beautiful story for preschoolers and young school-age children. A wonderful sentiment set to ease a child's fear of being away from his/her parents and home. 


Good Night Moon


This heartwarming book is perfect for your little one's bedtime ritual. 


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